"French Mornings Preschool has been an exceptional preschool experience for our daughter who attended for two years.
Maitresse Dufour (the teacher) is everything one could hope for: warm, caring, organized and extremely knowledgeable about child development. Our daughter has thrived in this environment with its combination of play time, circle time and games that have created a stong base for reading and mathmatics skills. Last but not least, French Mornings Preschool has fostered a strong social fabric between the children giving them the skills and language to work through social situations and resolve conflicts."
From another parent:
"My daughter started her first year at French morning pre- school in September 2011 when she was three years old.  I am a very critical person and somehow, I can’t find anything to put on the negative list about Lucie Dufour’s school.
Lucie is extremely detail * oriented and it shows in everything she does as a teacher. I have only positive* things to say, starting with the bright, organized and impeccably clean class room.  Nothing is being ignored as the rich curriculum includes a variety of activities, which I believe is a main concern if we want a great learning environment.  Diversity in activities assures that children do not get bored. Lesson plans go from exercise to dancing, from reading poems and stories, practicing writing skills, learning how to count, short term and long term projects etc...  This is not ONLY a French language class, it is a kindergarten level class taught in French!
The thing I like the most about French Morning pre-school is the discipline, learning about following rules, about having responsibilities and chores in the class room.
French morning pre -school has beaten my expectations on every level.  Thank you Lucie, we are looking forward to next year!"

A testimonial from another parent:
"We are lucky to have found French Morning Preschool for our daughter. We are a non-French speaking family and we wanted to enroll our daughter in a language immersion school so she may pick up a second language early. Our daughter attended French Morning Preschool for two years (from age 3 to 4.5) and we’ve been impressed with the progress. She started preschool with a limited exposure to French. After two years, she has developed a basic understanding of the language and her conversations in French have progressed quite impressively. In addition, the class room structure emphasizes listening to the teacher, following directions, writing skills and other kindergarten preparedness. Therefore, the experience at French Morning Preschool has laid the foundation for our daughter to become proficient in French in the future and prepared her for kindergarten next year.

Lucie is an encouraging and patient teacher. She is devoted to teaching French in a fun and inviting manner. She ensures that each child learns and applies French in ways that best suits his or her fullest abilities. Our daughter really enjoyed having her as her first teacher."